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I've noticed over the years that there have been a number of "new" styles of police batons introduced. Each purporting to be the answer to all of our needs. First the straight baton in various materials, wood, plasric, metal etc. Then the PR-24 side handle .(tonfa) Then various companies making the expandable batons. Now the latest. The Rapid rotation baton.(variation of the sai) All claim to be the latest innovations yet all are copying martial arts weapons that have been around for centuries. I am looking for opinions on the advantages/disadvantages of the different styles. Most of the Police  programs are oriented toward what I would call stand alone techniques-remove the baton/or lose it in a fight and all techniques are gone. I studied Lima Lama for a number of years recieving my black belt in 1988. We were taught empty hand techniques first and then the weapons were introduced to compliment those techniques-to increase power and distance. Lose the baton and the underlying knowledge is still there. One advantage that I have seen on the street(I have been a police officer/detective for 29 yrs)is that people tend to fear what they don't understand. So the "newest" weapons tend to get some respect until the street figures out what it is you are using and how you are using it. I don't believe we will ever find the "magic" weapon that will resolve all conflict or have bad guys trembling and begging to surrender. We are the ultimate weapon. The rest are just tools.

DetSgt Dane Nelsen   


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 We are the ultimate weapon. The rest are just tools.

DetSgt Dane Nelsen   

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Nice first post.....  Welcome to the nut house!


As you said there is no magic bullet.  I've been a police officer for 20 years, and a DT/baton/use of force instructor for 18 years.  Most systems are simular in technique.  Everyone seems to think theirs is the newest/bestest thing out there.  I personally carry a PR-24CD baton.  I feel it gives me the best of both worlds.  It is small in diameter like a straight baton.  It is collapsible and sit on my duty belt well.  It has aside handle for better leverage.  As you weel know, there are disadvantages to carrying a side handle baton.  The handle can be grabbed, etc.   This is just my preference.  My department allowed officers to choose between the straight collapsible and the side handle baton.  Last year I certified or re-certified our department.  There are always going to be a debate.  My instructor is a PR-24 man tried and true.  My personal belief is what ever baton you carry, be proficient in it.  Just my 2 cents worth


I think sticks will always be the step-child of martial arts training and batons/sticks will be the same in police work, especially when year-after-year, USA averages out the use of force events and impact weapons count for some 10% of use, yet wind up be some 40% of the law suits.

I have never liked the PR 24, but I don't like a walking cane with a handle either. The hooks just get in the way.

In police-insider groups and police supply-sales-people gossip, I hear that the PR24 "took a beating", its own beating after the Rodney King mess. All that footage seen worldwide of the PR 24 at lame work.

I started with a handless slick stick and really select that. There is a disorganized slow trend worldwide ignoring the PR 24.


Yes Hock, but I didn't see anyone in the Rodney King film using the PR-24 correctly.  I've used both as well as the trusty ole flashlight in good/bad old days and believe me one cudgel works about as good as another.  One thing I did notice about the early Monadock PR-24 they had a tendency to break at the point of attachment of the side handle.  This always seemed to occur about the time you were adjusting some hardheads attitude.   


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