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Too quick to use baton or not?

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A dallas officer was found not quilty of excessive force after he pepper sprayed and used his baton on a man      Note that a DPS guy that witnessed the incident testified he did. I know you can't tell everything from the dash cam but it looks like he might have been a tad too quick, but thats my opinion officier didnt say suspect was threating but looked like maybe a little resistance I don't know what do ya'll think. What ya'll of handled it the same. I am kind of in the middle on this one.  :)

There are lots of cases of 'exessive force' where it's simply about the witnesses and 'victim' not understanding the reality of the street. IE: myth of the duel. It looks worse than it is.
But in this case... I'd say it's bullsh*t. You could tell the cop was p'd off from the start by his tone of voice. The suspect displayed NO threatening behaviour.




Watch the time stamp...this is edited.

6:55:50 --- get out of the car.

6:57:39 --- get down.

6:58:20 -- pepper spray.

7:00:00 -- baton.

The officers has cars on both sides of him....

Trying to get him out of the car for one minute

Telling him to get down for 40 seconds

Letting the pepper spray take effect (one minute 40 seconds) will he is still up.

Finally after 4 minute and 30 seconds he uses a baton.

The total clip show on the news was ~32 seconds.


Bri Thai:
A section of people from all sides of the political spectrum will manipulate facts in order to potray what they want to potray.  It ain't just the liberals.

Prof I agree totally with you on liberal news comment. But it still looks like the guy wasnt a threat. But I guess you have to take into account that he didnt speak english either. He was told to get down and the officiers did place him on ground but it still didnt look like he was resisting to cause use of the baton it looked like the spray had him and he was going to the ground. I still dont believe the baton was warranted by what I saw on the tape and what was testified. Pepper spray okay but baton i dont know. But if this guy knew english I guess none of this would of happened in the first place sounds like  it would be a good commercial to convice illegals to learn the english. Make me want to. :)


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