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Snake Blocker:
Clarification:  When you only look at ONE tribal band or sub-band of Apache training, the curriculum is limited to a specific terrain training, but when you research into all the Apache's training tactics, it is endless.  I learn more from my Apache brothers every year.  At one point in history, there were 100s of Apache bands all over North American from Mexico to Canada, thus far, my research has studied over 20 different Apache bands training tactics. 
1.  Apacheis de Nabaju/Navajo Apaches (Dine Tribal Group)
2.  Arivipa Apaches (Band)
3.  Bedonkohe Apaches (Band)
4.  Casadore Apaches (Band)
5.  Chokonen Apaches (Band)
6.  Chiricahua Apaches (Regional Group) 
7.  Cibecue Apaches (Sub-Band)
8.  Coyotero Apache (Band)
9. Cuelgahen Nde Lipan (Lipon) Apaches (Sub-Band)
10.  Hoyero Apaches (Sub-Band)
11.  Jicarilla-Tinde Apaches (Regional Group)
12.  Kiowa-Gataka Apaches (Regional Group) – The Kiowa Apaches were Plain Indians.  Kiowa Apaches were, also known as, the Gataka Nation of Native Americans, and Naishandina
13.  Lipan (Lipon) Apaches (Regional Group) – Lipan Apaches were known by many names: Lipajenne, Lipanes de Arriba, Lipanes de Abajo, Ipande,  Apache de los Llanos,  Nide [Buffalo Hunters], Eastern Apaches, Ipa-n'de N'de. Náizhan, Cancy, Chanze, Caddo, Kä'ntsi
14. Llanero Apaches (Sub-Band)
15. Mescalero-Faraon Apaches (Regional Group)
16. Mimbreno Chiricahua Apaches (Sub-Band)
17. Mojave Apaches (Band)
18. Nednhi Apaches (Band)
19. Ojo Caliente Apaches (Band)
20. San Carlos Apaches (Band)
21. Tcihende Mimbres Apaches (Band)
22. Tonto Apaches (Band)
23. Northern Tonto Apaches (Sub-Band)
24. Southern Tonto Apaches (Sub-Band)
25. Warm Springs Apaches (Sub-Band)
26. Western-Pinal Coyotero Apaches (Regional Group)
27. White Mountain-Coyoteros Apaches (Band)
28. White Mountain Eastern Apaches (Sub-Band)
29. Yuma Apaches (Band) 
To learn more, buy my new Training manual: Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics Vol. 1, BAMA Pulication $25  100% money back quarentee More info at:

I filmed some MCQC training for the military (knife, gun, riffle, hand to hand, and kickboxing) in Kuwait in 2004 & in Iraq in 2005.  But it is not available to the public. I will gladly do a video with Hock if Hock wants and if there is a demand for it.  Let Hock know who is interested in Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics or Muay Thai.  I taught in Thailand in Bangkok and Yala in 2003 for a month and I've trained and fought for over 10 years in the States and abroad.

Snake is the real deal.

OMG! :o

You da man, maybe this Winter Sacto CQC camp, you teach some Apache knife fighting?
The last event was perfect, thanks for the bruises on last day too, and the conversation on marraige...guess what!  I got married, taking SOME of your advice too!

What exactly is the difference between knife fighting, and, Apache knife fighting?

...apart from the wig, horse, shoes n' stuff..


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