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Author Topic: Can't remember the name!!  (Read 1329 times)


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Can't remember the name!!
« on: May 26, 2006, 04:53:12 AM »


I think this may be a question Joe Hubbard can answer me, but answers from anyone else are appreciated as well  :)

Sometime ago I ran over the name of an british police-officer who developed an strategy against knife-attacks and teached it a long time to the police.

If I memorize it correctly he got some kind of award from the queen for teaching and developing as well.

Can anyone help me out with the name??


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Joe Hubbard

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Re: Can't remember the name!!
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2006, 07:28:07 AM »

Hi Christof

I think it was Pete Robins from CODA (Combat Oriental Defendu Arts) who came up with a knife defence programme called S.T.A.B.  I know he taught  some police forces in the UK and sadly I believe Pete has since passed away.  Perhaps Ninor would know more details.


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Re: Can't remember the name!!
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2006, 07:35:06 AM »

Could this go back maybe 25 years?
20 Years?

This is what I vaguely remember about this subject.

Some British Police trainers conceptualiized a defense course against the knife that involved what I call the giant, open-hand "C" clamp and/or the arm smothering.

What was new about it was they focused on the shoulder, rather than try to chase the moving hand.

I have re-verbalized the steps, so I cannot remember what original terms they use first, but basically you dropped the C clamp hand down from the shoulder (not actually touching the shoulder, mind you!)

Anyway, the Brits taught some US police in the 1980s and I learned it in a street survival school. This sort of spread about the USA back then. The it was just put to sleep by a faddish, Filipino knife craze. Eements of this craze said all unarmed defenses against the knife were useless and crazy (despite daily and weekly disarming stories of totally uintrained citizens surviving knife attacks.)

But, back then, it became a standard of training for many. Now, any number of young american instructors are doing the exact same thing and calling it their new invention, calling it "arm smothering," etc. (Sorry, young en's, once again - it ain't new!)

Anyone who attends my seminars know that when this subject comes up, I aways tell this Brit story to give the origins some credit. I get to remind the students, that this method had gone through some considerable testing by these Brit cops.

And, with the comings and goings of training programs in all police and military organizations, ( I would often teach Marines material they first organized, but have been dropped through time.) I teach the new British police trainers this same material, which ironically they first organized.

Anyway, I think this guy/group may be the ones you are talking about. I vaguely remember them getting some recognition form the British govenment for doing so much outreach on this course to their officers.

I will venture to say none of the younger British Police reading this, will know.
But, lets see what Hubbard and JimH might remember too.
Also, Nick Hughes and he toiled amongst them for years.

You also may be talking about someone newer then this old group I am talking about.

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