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What are the SFC courses?


What are the SFC courses?

- Force Necessary: Hand! The Unarmed Combatives Course

- Force Necessary: Knife! The Knife/Counter-Knife Course

- Force Necessary: Stick! The SDMS Impact Weapon Course

- Force Necessary: Gun! The Gun /Counter-Gun Course

- CQC Group. Do all the above? You are in the Close Quarter Combatives Group.

- Pacific Archipelago Combatives: The combative essence of Pacific Islands systems.
  Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii

- Police Judo: this course is from the core CQC Training Mission material, but geared for enforcement missions. the TM Books and DVDs are the core material. Police need their own police-named course.) The Police Judo seminar program are presented in modules - such as the Arm Wrap Trap module, or Counters to Quick Draws module.

Modules and themes are drawn from the Training Mission DVDs and books-the core ABCs.

Be in any course, or all courses.
Take tests for ranks and instructors in one or all courses.
You can achieve the various levels out of order, like someone take college courses.
Don't take tests and just train for knowledge.


These courses are all about the universal essence of combat. The recognized "Hammer and Nails, Nuts and Bolts" of hand, stick, knife and gun combatives. They present the common problems and problem-solving you will encounter, on down to the uncommon ones.

From this experimentation and education you build your own "method, "approach," "style" or "system" and responses based on your own size, strengths and skill.

These terms are generic and semantic at some level. But I do not believe I teach a method or style. You make your own house from these nails, nuts and bolts.


And I will never tell or dictate to you how you should fight. That is your personal decision.

In the end, through experimentation You should collect your favorite 5, 10 or 15 fighting tricks that suit your size, shape, strength and situations.

But as an instructor you do need to know and teach more so that your students can properly experiment and make the best selections.

We are not all Master Kwon. Not his shape. Not his size. We are not cookie cutters and cannot all fight the same.



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