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What is this SF Congress?


What is your Scientific Fighting Congress?

It is the umbrella name, the corporate name for all our training courses, like the Force Necessary courses.

It is an international teaching organization, an umbrella corporate name, I started in 1996 that is dedicated to researching and instructing less-than-lethal and lethal hand, stick, knife and gun combat. My research sources for the criteria are from police, the military, the martial arts and the aware citizenry, taking the best of what works from each.

I then filter and organize the material based on my own views and personal experience. My goal, my mission is to bridge the gap between these sciences and educate all of these groups. Enlightened members inside each group know things about war and crime, combat and survival that the other groups do not.

I also believe in a concept called the "seamless application" off all weapons and tactics in all ranges, standing, kneeling, sitting and on the ground, which a rare few people and systems even understand or are savvy enough to practice. Seemless is the key word.

We also constantly wrestle with squeezing and ringing out the sporty and arty aspects that infect real survival with dangerous with sport and artsy cancers. It tales constant vigilance and oversight to work on this.

This training is for regular citizens, martial artists, military and police. We offer training, rank and instructorships. I have long called it,

"Bridging the Gap between the citizen, the soldier, the police and the martial artist. Each group knows things about fighting that the other doesn't."

It is a Congress of many people and many systems. that is why I like the word-Congress.

"These training courses are for regular people/citizens, police, guards, martial artists, and the armed forces. Contact us for consultations, professional protection and security teams and investigations worldwide. In our training courses, Hock teaches martial courses, not martial arts."

Within the umbrella SFC are the Force Necessary hand, stick, knife and gun courses, a martial book business and a martial training film business.



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