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Complicated? Naahhh!

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(Ohhhh that Bokker knife in and of itself is probably fine. Don't feel bad.)

- Everyone's definition of simple is different.
- Everyone's abilities are different - what is simple to them is not to others.
- "Fights" are highly situational and sometimes people can perform more and better.
- Always push the envelope. Working the difficult, can make the difficult easy
  and simple. Its like a ladder. Climbing the eighth step makes the third step easy (and
  seem simpler).
- Not everyone can play pro football, whether they are taught simple football or
  complex football. Some people need not to play football with any great aspirations.
- Fighting is an athletic endeavour. Some people, soldiers, cops are not athletes,
  whether they are working on simple or complex moves.
- Ambushes always suck.  
- Startles and flinches don't last.


Great post Hock. Should be posted in every training facility there is. It seems like everyone wnats absolutes, disregarding individual differences. You know when I boxed, my coach siad this is your stength, this is what you will do. He didn't try to make me a left hooking brawler. Why do so many in this industry train poeple as if they have the same bodies, minds and abilities?  Expect to be cut, you'll forget everything when the shit hits the fan, you could never use that in a real fight, that takes years to learn, MMA trainng is the best for the street, etc..., etc.... etc... Not one size fits all.

great  info here -all the way  back..

I attempt to keep reviewing the basics with the students-over and over at the start of the class

In the middle of the class we stop and revieww the basics again. That is good according to the students.

Only one new tactic a week- not a million zillion each  class-too much.....

seya WW

I don't recall where I heard this, but this saying applies here I think: "Don't fear the million techniques practiced once, rather fear the one technique practiced a million times".

this was a great post Hock, thanks for the good word!


Just another quick comment on keeping it simple (but as hock said not to simple)
when i am instructing in the class and the student asks a question because they are a little confused I say -rememebr the clock- go to the number on the clock that is the same area as you are trying to go-i.e. go to 10 oclock- or come from 10 olock= light goes on and most times  they figure it out . Hock should have patented the clock system-oh well- thats life.-WW


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