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Can I promote people?

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Can I promote people?

SFC instructors can promote people up to one rank level under their rank.
SFC instructors can promote people up to one instructorship level under them.

Only I can make CQC Group instructors.

The SFC headquarters gets a small fee per certifcate.
The Instructors keeps all the money he made training the student. He keeps a very large percentage of the test fees.


Many of your students like to be connected with an international organization with roots worldwide and a good, worldwide reputation that has stood the test of time.

The SFC is 11 years old, soon to be 12 (written Sept, 2007)
The SFC magazine-CQC Magazine- had subscribers in 26 countries.
I teach in 8 countries a year, 9 counting the USA. 10 next year.
We receive 300,000 to 600,000 webpage hits a month, many are worldwide sources.

It is a good idea to be connected to a worldwide group. Being an isolated renegade in a back-alley, school in a low-rent district is just not your formula for success. You might think its cool, you "lone renegade ronin you," but odds are? It ain't going to work.

Failing to promote these affiliations on your windows or signs, is missing a subliminal and psychological business attraction, especially to the untapped adult market.


The SFC is 10 years old.

Well it is now 11 years old, working on 12.
The CQC Dispatches has replaced the old Close Quarter Combat Magazine

Hock  (June, 2007)

For anyone interested in starting an SFC training group...

The SFC is the most open minded, forward thinking group out there. Bar none!!!

Join the Congress, get you instructor cert, and get the ball rolling... There is none better, and no high level self defense instructor is easier to deal with than Hock... Plus we do some really cool shit..  ;D

So get off the fence and sign up.........   ;)

Hugs and Kisses


so how do i sign up in Canada, My ability to travel is limited (family first and last) get me come details


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