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Attending a seminar?


How much experience do I need to come to a seminar?

None. All training is meant to be simple. Level 2 and up only exist because these simple things need to be spread out to digest, not because they grow in their complication. We always have beginners in every seminar.  We always puch your enevelope just a bit to increase your knowledge and skill levels.

Do I need to be in shape?

Not really. All ages, shapes, sizes and skill levels attend every seminar. You just do what you can and donít do what you canít. These classes are VERY informal, non-classical and user-friendly. The goal is your improvement.  Walk out smarter than when you walked in.

What should I wear?

-Wear long pants with pockets and a belt. We will need these modern clothes to for all kinds of weapon training. 

-Any shirt is fine.

-Matt Shoes. You never know where these classes will be held.  Sometimes they are at martial arts schools that have expensive mats and street shoes scar and rip them up. To be on the safe side wear the standard wrestling mat shoes. You can ask for them at sports shoe stores. Buy them also at athletic show stores.

What gear should I bring?

Gearing up a crowd is really hard for the host and myself, so try, I mean really try, to bring:

* One hard metal or wooden training knife.

* One soft training knife

* Two training sticks. This could be a martial arts stick, an expandable baton, or some such facsimile.

* One padded stick.

* One Replica pistol and holster. Buy replicas at

* Buy a cheap holster at a pawn shop or sports store.

* Eye protection-buy at any sports store.

* Elbow and knee pads-buy at any sports store

* One or two Thai-sized Focus mitts. See Century products or buy at any sports store.

* A Helmet: Any helmet. There are martial arts helmets, hockey and football helmets. Hockey helmets are a moderately good idea. Buy them at any new or used sports store

With the proliferation of kidís karate, not almost any sports store in USA has some affordable, martial arts gear.

How do I get there?

* Get the address of the seminar listing on the left. Then connect with www. and type in the address. It will provide you with a series of maps.

* Call the host.
Please keep a CLOSE eye on the seminar listings on this webpage, even look at it the day before, or even the morning before the seminar. Remember to reload/refresh your page.  It is constantly updated and your best way to confirm the latest times and information.

Please check Mapquest or google maps for directions. They are usually correct.

PLEASE check and refresh the seminar webpage the very last second before you leave, for any sudden, last minute emergency that may change or cancel the seminar.

In ten years, we've canceled a rare few seminars from weather or sickness.

-I caught the flu once and we sent N.C.s Lyndon Johnson to teach Marines in North Carolina.
-Hurricane Katrina killed one seminar in southern Georgia.
-Another hurricane destroyed the Florida school the very week I was headed there.
-Terrorist bombs and a pending Typhoon killed a Thailand camp.
-A plane broke down, delaying a Missouri seminar for three hours.

(Not bad in 30 to 40 seminars a year in ten years.) All these last minute changes were posted on the specific, seminar web page of that seminar.

Please take one last look before you step out the door.


Hock's Training Promise to You

"Military and police academies must spend their time with political and non-combat related training agendas. SEALS need to swim. Rangers and Recon need to reconnoiter. Berets must master subjects like commo. Police need to understand traffic accident reporting. The list of non-combat training requirements for these groups is almost endless. There are classes on saluting, marching, then organized hazing and harassment, etc. All subtract precious time from specific combat study. 100 hours of training may have only 20 hours of actual combat related material. In police courses it may be only 5 hours or less out of 100 hours!

Martial arts systems have their own agendas that ensure dynasties, traditions, often old, stale tactics and a foggy confusion of false, automatic hero worship of the leader wrapped in politics. Business pressures have turned schools into semi-day care centers.

We teach only modern combat tactics and strategies as professionals to professionals. I have interfaced with many members of martial arts, militaries and police agencies around the world. I am convinced that this CQC Group course is the most comprehensive, complete, scientific, hand, stick, knife and gun, close quarters course in the world, bar none. Anywhere. No brag. Just fact. Police and Military officials exposed to the courses agree. This is my promise to you." - Hock

Just to remind everyone, the last thing to do before you walk out the door to attend the seminar is to check the shopsite page for the seminar. Any last minute updates, weather problems etc, will be listed there.


Just to remind everyone, the last thing to do before you walk out the door to attend the seminar is to check the shopsite page for the seminar.

Any last minute updates, weather problems etc, will be listed there. We had one canceled in 2009 for a sudden, bad snowstorm. And we canceled the June Toronto this year because it is the same weekend as the G20 summit (riots anyone?)



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