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Do bullets knock you down?

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i try to forget all those unfortunate incedents. but the last one was a 12 ga. buck shot pellet (30 cal) that caught me in the chin the rest went around my head, i thought someone had punched me in the face took awhile till someone said "OH MY GOD HES BEEN SHOT!" then i knew something was wrong.the lead is still in my jaw bone and i cut myself shaving on the scar all the time. didnt knock me down or spin me around but it stoped me in my tracks wondering where the guy was that hit me.


--- Quote from: usks1 on July 29, 2007, 01:08:07 PM ---I was gonna post this on the old thread about the effect of a bullet on the human body in regards to if it just goes right thru... Knocks you down... Or whatever... But I couldn't find it.

I was discussing this with Hock a couple of weeks ago, and around a year or so ago I was doing some tactical shooting with a buddy of mine..

During this portion of the exercise we drew and began to fire while moving toward the target..  We started at about 25 yards away or so from the target, and the goal was to be done with the first clip in as few steps as possible, find cover, reload and shoot some more..

Well a few steps into this drill using my beloved .40 Glock Model 23 I felt what was the equivalent of a 1" rattan stick across the thigh.... ( yep I have taken enough of those to know what it feels like.. )

It dropped me to my knee and I looked down and sure enough I had took a richochet on the thigh just above the knee. ( Still got the slug... I keep it in my office at the school ).

I don't know if it was the force of the round, the square root of Newtons law or whatever, but I can tell you it dropped me to 1 knee.

I would say it was probably a psychological thing or a nervous system thing, more than an impact thing, but none the less that is how it played out..

Just thought I would post this after talking with Hock about the subject of what happens when we get shot...

But FYI..... All weekend long I took airsoft rounds... And I live to tell the tale..  8)


--- End quote ---

Good times...   ;)

Ricochet's are no joke.  Never been hit by a live round, but have treated a few and seen a couple.  The closest ricothet is one that actually hit one of my students to be - at the time he was my Plt SGT.  Chayse took a nice piece to the face from a 5.56 - yep friendly ricochet during a stress shoot.  Left him a nice scar on his right cheek (facial).  He didnt drop, just wiped his face as if he had been stung and found blood.  Lucky one...  But the best one was a Marine, during an operation while he was on foot patrol and was hit by an RPG.  The RPG hit his M4 (carried in low ready) and tore off his left thumb also bending the rifle.  Yes, it knocked him on his ass but the round bounced off him and detonated when it impacted the wall to his right.  Can you believe the Marine did nothing but bitch about loosing his thumb....  Count your blessings I say...   :o ::)

If I can track down the pic from our STP I'll post it for ya.  Here is one for conversation...  40mm round from a MK19 - ouch!

Pic will be remove in a couple days.

Bryan Lee:
Most of the information I take to heart on this subject comes from the experiance of bear hunters in Alaska where I lived a few years and still call home although I'm no longer living there for now.

 The question is one of those multiple answer questions. The biggest factor is how active or how much adrenaline is pumping through something when it gets hit. There are many bear kills that were one shot matters where a bear stumbled into a camp and was shot with a 44 magnum and just fell over dead. There are also many incidents where bears were shot multiple times and still kept coming.  In most of those cases there was some contact either visually or physically with the bear prior to it being shot that raised its awareness making it desensitized to what was happening till pathology took over and it bled out,"The brain no longer had oxygen to live".

  In the most recent episode, I received a phone call from a friend it told me he had just killed another bear. His dog was barking in the cabin at 3 am and there was plenty of light outside as it took place in July in Alaska. He got up and saw a 300 pound plus black bear on the porch and when it saw him it ran around the house. At that point he went around to look out the window only to see the bears head pop up as knocked of the screen like it was coming in. He drew and fired from less than 5 feet shooting through the glass and knocking it to the ground. At that point he looked out the window and realized he had broken its neck as it was biting itself but couldn't move its legs.  He then leaned out and shot it one time through the ear and called the neighbors to come and get the meat, he kept the hide which had no rubs and had 4 inch hair.

  The point being in that case it knocked the bear down because it broke the bears back. There are many factors involved in what I refer to as the physical part of the kill, Structural would also be a usable term. If you shoot anything standing on its legs in the leg hitting bone or nerves it physically has to go down, no amount of adrenalin can override nerve damage or disconnection or a bone fracture that will no longer structurally support the upper body. This is the same for the entire system of nerves connected to the spine then the spine itself onto the brain.

  There are two factors going on with the brain that make anything go down. The first is electrical interruption better known as concussion. This is your basic knockout which can happen in boxing or from a shooting. The other is just instant death from a head shot. What actually causes death is a entirely separate subject but it will cause a knock down.

  So in conclusion there are things that have to knock something down, the physical part. Then there are many variables that may knock something down like a chest wound that initially knocks the air out of something, hope this is helpful anyway.

A bullet alone cannot knock you down........Newtones law applies here. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For a bullet to have the momentum to knock down a 200 pound man it would kick so hard at firing that it would knock down a 200 pound shooter.

Pain, shock, central nervous system hits, broken bones, etc. cause you to fall.

But if a bullet hits a standing man and he falls.
The bullet knocked him down.
Without the bullet he would not fall.



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