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Hello together,

a guy here in Germany (he claims to be an LAPD SWAT Officer) is offering a KOKKAR Seminar with 5 Instructors from different US Special Forces (Navy Seals,Fugitiv Recovery, Dallas Marshall Departement).

He claims that Kokkar Hand to Hand Combat is the  Close Combat System of the Special Forces.

I think I remember an articel in Budo International with Martínez Sesto, who did several Videos about Kokkar with them, in which they reported that Sesto got shoot.

Anybody heard anything about Kokkar??



KOKKAR...isn't that the fighting system used by Thundar the Barbarian?

I believe that these people may have demonstrated Kokkar at Seminars for SWAT and SEALs.

Kokkar is not the Official H2H system for any US Military or Police Units,as far as I know.
Kokkar is not the Official H2H system of US Special Forces,US Navy SEALs nor LAPD SWAT.

Many today do one Seminar,One Demo or have one student in one of these units and they claim to train them and that Units have adopted their materials.

Here is Material by the Guy,Ralf ,who is running the German Kokkar Seminars.
Ralf is  Muay Thai guy who is also an Instructor for Kokkar Kempo.

This is kokkar Kempo Germany, the ones running the seminars;
this is their contact page. Note Titles of Special Forces and LAPD then see Spain and Germany as addresses???

might as well study this guys stuff,lol

Bryan Lee:
  I notice Ralf doesn't have any cops or military as friends on his myspace? ;D

  What some weirdo whacked out pictures and bizarre music though!  ;D

I've never understood how a professional defensive tactics instructor can have a Myspace page. To me...your professionalism goes right down the crapper. There are too many free websites available out there to go the Myspace route.


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