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Ralf claims to be a Law enforcement officer since 03.2006 and a  LAPD SWAT Officer since 04.2007. This current status is "Reserve".

He got his official Rank to represent the units here in Germany and to get access to military facilities in the US and everywhere else.

He said he can proof that with his dutynumber (is that correct :-[), badge and pass.



PS: He told me that he got permission from the US Goverment to show all the badges on his Reference-Page.

On his my space  Ralf does not say a word about being in LAPD SWAT.

Ralf,according to what was just posted became a Police Officer ,I assume in LA right?
03/06,I assume he did a police academy right?
Then a year after he was a member of LAPD he went into SWAT,lol ?
He went into SWAT 04/07 and he is back in Germany as a Reserve officer,5 months later,as of now,waiting for an emergency call up I guess ? lol.

is Ralf a US Citizen?
Did he become a Volunteer/Reserve officer in LA?
No police academy,No SWAT?

NASTA is Not a US Government Organization it is a Group of Trainers from OHIO SWAT.

Most US bases are open so he can go there as anyone can.
He can also go as a Trainer,if invited.

If he had a US government contract to Instruct US Special Operations Units, CIA,FBI and Other agencies,he would not be in Germany running a civilian course and druming up business for his seminars.

If SWAT liked and Used his materials he would be running the seminars in the US.

If the Materials are so good and so Secret we see nothing about them on the web,except for Budo materials,then would German Military,Other Police and Military in Europe be giving ralf and Bindini a contract?

You seem to Want to Believe Ralf and Bindini,if you believe him/them,like the video clips then pay the money and take the Seminar.

Ralf is a muay Thai Guy and does MMA training,sport.

I wonder why it is called Kokkar Kempo???? lol
I imagine it is KARATE

LAPD website tells about how you do the academy then do SEVERAL YEARS on Patrol on the  street before transfering to other units like SWAT:

LAPD Reserve Officers"Reserve officers are a valuable resource to the department. Our current Reserve Corps of 649 officers is the equivalent of approximately 100 full-time officers, which saves the LAPD approximately $5 million per year," said Mayor Hahn. "Because of difficult budget times, we are unable to hire the police officers we need, but building the reserve ranks will help us make our streets safer."

Types of Reserve Officers

There are four types of Reserve Officers, three of which are required to work a minimum of 32 hours every two deployment periods to remain active. The civilian Specialists have no shift requirement:

1)  Level I Reserve Officers are sworn peace officers who generally wear uniforms, are armed and work primarily patrol assignments. They receive 795 hours of academy training and undergo a year of field training before becoming fully designated as a Level I reserve.
2)  Level II Reserve Officers are sworn peace officers who generally wear uniforms, are armed, and have police officer powers only while on-duty . They can work the same assignments as Level I officers provided they are supervised by a full-time or Level I Reserve Officer. They receive 455 hours of academy training.
3)  Level III Reserve Officers are sworn peace officers who generally wear uniforms, are unarmed and have police officer powers only while on-duty . They receive 205 hours of academy training and work support assignments such as the area desk and assisting detectives in non-tactical situations.
4)  Specialist Reserve Officers are civilian volunteers who possess special skills that benefit the department. Although they receive a brief orientation, they have no specific department training, no police officer powers and do not wear uniforms or carry weapons.

"On a daily basis, and in times of major disaster, Los Angeles Police Department Reserve Corps Officers stand side-by-side sworn LAPD Officers to support police operations," said Zine. "As a Level I Reserve Officer with over 35 years of police experience, my reserve activities remain both challenging and interesting."


--- Quote from: JimH on September 07, 2007, 07:10:32 AM ---You seem to Want to Believe Ralf and Bindini,if you believe him/them,like the video clips then pay the money and take the Seminar.

--- End quote ---

Absolutely NO!!!

I doubt everything he claims to be!!

Thats the reason why I ask here in Hock's Forum, because I know that here I'll find answers.

Can you please explain me what NASTA is??

And how about getting permission to show Police and Military Badges an his website?? How can I prove him wrong??

Thanks for your support


NASTA is a group of former SWAT members from OHIO who formed a Group of trainers.
NASTA is the North American SWAT Training Association

If you are not interested in his materials or training then forget about trying to prove him wrong or a fake,if people do not attend that is enough.

Loads of Fakes teaching loads of stuff,the informed stay away the uninformed go.

JimH-i agree-stay away and keep truckin on with the good guys-i think it mostly boils down to a person or group of persons who want to make a $$ and people to are swayed easily gravitate to  their brand of BS-i guess its part of growing up-whatever  stay  safe  white wolf- oh i almost forgot need directions to  your school in bronx as we may visit jersey in Nov and I could try to get to the othe side of the river at least to meet in NYC and have a beer and talk -stay safe whitewolf


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