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Bri Thai:
Is that meant to be anti Ju Jitsu or anti gay?

Either way it's pretty dumb.


--- Quote from: Bri Thai on September 14, 2007, 07:38:57 PM ---Is that meant to be anti Ju Jitsu or anti gay?

Either way it's pretty dumb.

--- End quote ---

Well Mr Thai....

I think it is just a little joke and light humor... Milldog knows the ground game and it's importance in the big picture... In fact he is a trainer in grappling and MMA under Big Jim McCann..

The picture does look awful funny and kinda gay...

But considering Keith's twisted sense of homor, and his understanding of the ground game, and the fact that it is Vanderlei Silva in the pic.... I would say it is a little bit of humor.

Chill out and Harden the Fuck up..... Quit looking for reasons to fuck with people because you are the current forum fuck up....

Just because Hock won't ban you don't mean you don't look like an idiot terd with your recent postings.

And you can reply with all the negative shit you want... Till you look me in the face and say it... It don't mean shit.. And by the way.. I am easy to find. Come to any Dallas seminar and we can work it out one way or another...

Hows that for a face to face invitation??

Have a nice day


Dean i dont know u but u are a trip-i like your response  and offer to the gentleman who seems to think he is a guru/master/expert/10th degree/sufu/don/shian/mma/jujitsu player/etc etc etc-
I dont get envolved in the polictics but i had to pass this on-stay  safe whitewolf in kuwait..

Oh- I forgot   Bri Thai- HTFU- semper f----g fi---i am the one who u  asked why i am in Kuwait  carrying a ASP- in case u have not figured it out yet  - its because i am to young to lay down and f----g die-i am only 68 years old-and still will get on the mat and roll..dam son wake up and smell the roses.


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