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Hey everyone,

Just after some clarification on the combat clock concept. I think its a very good way of conveying techniques and various angles of attack and defense.

Take for example an attacker throwing a right handed haymaker(a 3 o'clock from his point of view) and you defend against it with a left handed block(a 9 o'clock from your point of view) do you ignore his reference points and focus purely on your own clock angles? So when you are looking at a right haymaker being thrown at you it is considered to be at 9 o'clock?

Perhaps i am over complicating a fairly simple concept, but just want to get things clear.

Thanks for any info you can provide,


Your clock is your clock.
His clock is his clock.
Lay the clock on the floor and you have footwork patterns

You can spit, shoot, stab and slash at the clock.

Basic training the four clock quarters.
Advanced training-all 12 numbers.


Thanks Hock, Just thinking out loud and making sure i understood the concept correctly.

With the clock method, I can teach in half the time and get it across. But knife by numbers takes alot longer.

Its funny I taught to some Kali guys they say "Hey Thats angle 2".  I say No its the clock...

Knife by numbers is some systems ways of teaching the knife, frankly I teach the same thing in half the time.

But for some of these schmucks out there, its suddenly not complicated enough for them.

See the Knife by Numbers thread..,1253.0.html

Been there done that...  I prefer the clock also.  I've played with the number systems and also Kabaroan's method of getting your "PHD" as GM Estalilla puts it.  Same design as the clock (has to be) but he used terms like overhand-right, under-hand left, hor-right, etc.  Fun way to teach it and joke about people earning a PHD (Perpendicular - Horizontal - Diagonal) at your seminar, but the combatives world relates to the clock instantly. 

Just makes sense to me... 8)


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