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thoughts on responses to domestic violence


All-I thought i would start a new topic-especially sence I have just read Hocks 12 steps 4  times so far and will continue to  do  so untill i can quote in my brain housing group the throughts that pop up from  it.
Ok-I would like some ideas on responding to calls of domestic violence/arguments between
husband/wife---boyfriend girl friend.
Here are the rules -Over here in Kuwait the following has to  be complied with.
A-No weapon
B-No mace
C-At times no  backup
D-A manager of the person making the complaint is with you but at times never has responded to something like this.
E-Sometimes the resident will not open the door due to his/her mental outlook at the time
 Questions for your response-
1-Who goes in first if door is  opened? Me or  manager
2-Where would you stand?
3-Would you watch victim or person who allegedlly stated the altercation(verbal or physical)
4-what if you observe 2nd or 3rd person in another area?
5-what if one has been drinking and will not cooperate
6-At what point would you call for kuwaite police?
7-After situation is resolved would you leave and then come back in 5 minutes to  listen at door to see if  prolem reignited?
8-Other comments-

Myself and other housing security oficers have been doing a  lot of this type incidents lately-i have my own way of responding but would really like some other ideas so i can see if i can  change mine to a  better way. Thanks-Whitewolf (wolfie)


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