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I plan on attending one of the seminars this year and was wanting to now what kind of airsoft guns are recommended. I looked on the internet and there is a ton of different kinds of replicas, from glocks to .45's. I just want to be sure I get the right stuff. Also, Do I needa long gun for beginner levels?

Battery-powered is best because of so much close-up practice and the interiors of the room we train in shouldn't be busted by by the power of gas guns. In a perfect world, with outside and distance practice and with body protection, gas guns are much better. We are just hitting on the common demoninators with electric and making the best out of the circumstance we are in.

Try this...

or this...

or even this...

...and I would suggest getting two of them (they are cheap) in case one goes down. And it is nice to have the second loaded magazine.

Bring eye protection.

A replica long gun with a sling of any type is fine. Some people use just use a rope for a sling! In level one, we worry about "quick draws" and that means getting a slung long gun up for fire. In level 5 we go long gun disarming and the replica with a sling is important. But, these topics pop up at differing levels.

We try to get to the guns every seminar and for safe demo purposes we even use rubber band guns! We usually have these things for loan and sale, so not having one of these pistols is not a deal-breaker and does not mean you shouldn't come.




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