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  • January 18, 2019, 05:15:07 AM
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Author Topic: good talk  (Read 1042 times)


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good talk
« on: March 04, 2009, 03:51:52 AM »

Always love a good late night char, like the other night next door. My next door neighbor, an actor-guy...who is out of town had a buddy of his he let stay at his apartment while he is here in CA to find a job. Thing is this guy was a scout sniper in the Marines. Had  a few clandestine missions. Says he's HEARD of you Hock. We exchanged idea/trained a bit. Got along great.

Anyway his gig now is he is a firearms instructor for movies. He worked on The Shooter, tsught Whalbeg everything he needed to know to look like he was really shooting someone. Also a fight choreographer. He has a buddy though who is now in the FBI. He told me that his buddy's partner when in Fla was serving this federal warrant for this drug dealer. The FBI agent went to this big apartment building where the dealer was living at the time. Well, the FBI agent spots the dealer at the lobby and as he (dealer) heads for the elevator, the agent follows him into the elevator car. Just as the doors close and the car goes up the shaft..AND as the agent is about to serve hip up the warrant......the dealer spots HIM, knows just who he is and why he is accompanying him. BOTH the dealer and the arresting agent draw their pistols at the same time.

They end up putting their free/live hands on each others shoulders, side-stepping clockwise in a circle. Then they start firing at one another...and they both MISS! I mean not one bullet hits the other person. And they EMPTIED their clips! The agent had a 45. ACP and the dealer a Glock 9mm. That means both fired 13 rounds and NO ONE GOT HIT. The FBI then does some quick thinking, and steps in, shoulder,smashes the dealer in the chest, and wacks him in the side of the head with his empty side-arm.

Funniest of all was wtaching this Marine sniper tell me all of this with a beet-red face because his laighing so hard. As was I.