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Gayle Rivers. Real? Unreal? Deal?

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Gayle Rivers, pseudonym name of a claimed former ANZAC (Aussie) SAS from the 1960s and 1970s, later a "gun for hire." Says he worked in Ireland vs. the IRA (have we heard that zinger before!)

See his book (published in England in 1985)

Anyway have any scoop on the guy? Real? Unreal?

Special attention Joe Hubbard! Does "Des Doom" or your other cronies know about this guy? This book?


I read this book over 20 years ago.
Seemed like BS to me.

On page 2 ,he says he was a member of Anzac SASR and did his time working with US   Special Forces in Vietnam.(69-70)

On page 23 of the book he says:
After Vietnam he started an air cargo company in South Africa.
(He also sold Military equipment and Explosive devices)

He moved to Switzerland and was in and out of London frequently when he WAS INVITED to join F Troop of 21 SAS .
He first entered the DUKE OF YORK BARRACKS in 1975.
He says he was a short stint training in 21 as F troop was for civilians who were operators.
(pg 25) He was soon running operations in South Armagh hunting IRA Terrorists.

The time period to find members of F troop 21 SAS Duke of York Barracks London has probably run its course by now,34 years,though if one were invited or knew someone who attended their meetings one may find some former members from this time line,1975,and ask about this ANZAC SASR/ 21 SAS member.

I read this book twice! Accidentally!

I read in in the 1980s too. Kind of forgot about it and when in South Africa in...2002-ish, I found it in a used book store there (different cover and different sub-title. And read it on the plane back. It sure was familiar! And I finally realized I'd read it years before, but read it again anyway (long fligth!)

I stumbled upon it the other day on back shelf and wondered if it was for real or not? It seemed at times to be real, but it sure is great entertainment anyway.

Maybe Hubbard will ask around.


I read a couple of his novels many years ago, one called the Five fingers and another one about an extraction in post Shah Iran.

Sorry, no idea on his real world situation. 

If you are interested, there is quite a bit of talk about him here:



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