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Gayle Rivers. Real? Unreal? Deal?

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"Five Fingers" was and remains an excellent book, IMHO.

"Gayle Rivers" was a cat who hung out with real deal SpecOps guys and turned his association into books.

He is closest to author Jim Pollack who years ago wrote "Mission MIA".  Jim was never in the service but had the good fortune to be introduced to some folks who were primarily SF - his primary technical advisor and ghost co-author for Mission MIA was CSM Dan Pitzer (Retired) - who was with Rowe for 4 years in the camps in VN.

Pollack got into the SOA for a bit but started to believe and then promote himself as a former SpecOps guy...and was soon after sent packing by all.

Another guy from back in the day who played the same game was Jim Shults, first of Soldier of Fortune then Gung-Ho.  Shults proffered himself after awhile as being former SF (8th Group, Panama).  When he got shut down it was learned he'd been stationed in Panama, on the Pacific Side, with the conventional Army (and on the shooting team).  But SF...not hardly.

Rivers was cut from the same crowd.  However his book Five Fingers went on to become a classic.


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