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What equipment?



I'm putting together equipment for the seminars and have a couple of questions.

1) Gun: Any particular style (plastic, wooden, rubberband, etc.)?
2) Holster: will a crossman airsoft holster work?
3) Knife: the hard knife, does it matter if it's single or double sided?
4) eye protection: Will shooting glasses work?

Looking forward to the training!

Thanks, Bob


Things to have with you...

- An electric-powered airsoft pistol (maybe two or three as they break easy.
  They are cheap. If we use gas or real sims, it will be announced in the seminar page.

- Then a replica pistol (rubber/platic) and a holster and belt.

- Street pants! No sweats or spandex. We need pockets and a belt. Even shorts
  are fine if you have pocketsn and a belt

- Replica long gun WITH SLING if you can get one

- Training knife. fixed blade with sheath

- Training knife, folder with clip

- Training stick, about 30 inches long

- Expandable baton if possible

- Two focus mitts

- One kicking shield

- Any related body padding you want, like eye protection, elbow and knee pads,

Some of these things may be available at them location and sometimes not.



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