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Yellow Pages?

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Is and does anyone use the yellow pages anymore?
Under 45 years of age?


Keith Miller:
No. If it's not Google, it's Yahoo!

I get a phone call from the pages about once every 2 months. It used to be a lot more frequently. I always tell them that I'm fine with my free 1 line ad, and not interested in upgrading.

They now have the "online" Yellow pages that they are trying to sweeten the deal with, claiming that more people use it than Google or Yahoo....which is bullshit.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! The Yellow pages want $350 for a small block ad with bold red letters! For $350 you should be able to buy 2500 post card sized ads printed on glossy stock. You'll get way more leads by putting those cards on cars at the mall then that Yellow Pages ad.

I have heard several people say that they are shocked to see a phone book on their door step. And they walk it right into the re-cycle bin.


Benjamin Liu:
If you ark asking about using the Yellow Pages to find things, then yes, I do, but not often.

Usually if I find a service I like I stick with it, so I don't often need to look for them, either online or in the Yellow Pages.

One place where the physical Yellow Pages is far superior to online yellow pages type services is in smaller communities that make up larger ones, like in a somewhat rural county that is made up of towns and a few small cities.  Online "yellow pages" searches often miss a business the next town over, while the physical Yellow Pages will usually be for the entire area.

If I'm looking for the location of the local branch of a national chain I'll just go to their main site and do a location search.

Kelly Knight:

Kelly Knight


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