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Master Guy Savelli's Kun Tao: Special Forces/Special Ops Training

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I think this is taped in the super secret underground training camp.

Master Guy Savelli was the man brought in by Colonel Nick Rowe  to teach Special Operations his form of Mental and Physical training.
He was the Man brought in to form the First Earth Battalion,the men Who stare at goats Guy.

What he taught may not have worked out liked the military had wanted but he was contracted to teach it for a Good MANY Years.

He is no Walter Mitty.

Oh Lord! This is worse than him being pure Mitty (he's wearing the beret which gives him Mitty points in my book). How did Rowe fall for these karate tricks wrapped up in mental clap trap?

Guy Savelli is not wearing a Green Beret in any of those clips .
Those are Green Berets assigned to the JFK Warfare Center,SERE Instructors under Nick Rowe.

Nick Rowe said that while a POW in Vietnam ,he found his mind was the strongest tool he had to combat his enemies,his keepers, and he set out to bring mind control of self to a new level,and that was ,to some degree achieved thanks to Guy Savelli's teachings.

The men trained by Guy Savelli were more in tune with their surroundings in the bush.
More able to control Heart Rate and breathing when going long distances or under stress.
Able to function with minor injuries which might have otherwise stopped them from carrying out their mission to completion.

Guy Savelli produced results and that nis why he was contracted for as long as he was.

The movie was complete BS and a mix of several aspects of research that was being conducted within the Army and CIA.

Sorry Jim but some of what he's selling as mind and chi stuff are simple karate tricks. They are nice demos and will likely stick with most of those watching. I'm usually looking for the "assist" from the assistant that makes it all work. Like the baseball bat demo, where you can see the assistant move his shoulder letting Savelli he's about to swing and how the bat moves up over his head to give a little more wiggle room just in case. Often neither party notices they are doing this. But watching for that initial movement is an important skill to develop.

My usual training partner may have crossed paths with him and teaches some of the same things without the chi and mind talk, so I'll see what he knows about him.


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