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Master Guy Savelli's Kun Tao: Special Forces/Special Ops Training

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Again the men in the clips wearing the OD Green and or Camo Uniforms ,with and without Berets are SERE Instructors NOT Guy Savelli.
The instructors had 36 lessons under Mr Savelli and then incorporated some of that training into the Basic SERE course as taught at the Q course or the SERE school proper.

These things were taught not as tricks,but to enhance the mental ability of the students to enable them ,as Nick Rowe hoped,to have better focus,focus of power,mental ability to carry on through basic injuries and to keep a clear mental focus if they were captured by the enemy.

If one reads  books written by POW's they will see the importance many of the men/POW's placed on Mental focus to stay strong and to seperate themselves from some of the events that happened to them as POW's.

Guy Savelli was not contracted for over 7 years because he was teaching party/karate tricks.
Nick ROWE was definately NOT interested in teaching men Party Tricks,he was teaching what to him was a Very Important aspect of training,SURVIVAL.

Was your friend in SF ?
If not in SF or other Spec Ops units that Savelli had access to then I doubt he can speak on what and why  things were taught by Savelli to these units.

I am speaking to the clips of Savelli's teachings to the SERE Instructors and students,not to Savelli's teaching outside of that environment.
The insinuation of him being a Walter Mitty pertains to his association with the US Military,which he did indeed have and had for MANY Years,not to peoples thinking that what he taught was real or pseudo science of chi and focus.

OK, maybe I'm confused, but does Savelli even appear in any of these clips? Is he the guy in the red pants in the clip that I posted?

As far as karate tricks, I just call them as I see them, and I've seen these same demos many times. If someone wants to sell them as Chi or mind over matter, then more power to them. If they're a confidence building exercise then fantastic. I'm just skeptical that these demonstrations and teachings are effective, though not surprised that Savelli found someone in the community to keep his contract going for 7 years.

As far as being a Mitty, Hock please move this thread somewhere appropriate if at all possible.

The problem here is the same old misunderstandings that get hashed over every year. People outside the military trying to second guess what goes on inside the military when they just don't know. Civilians buying into "The Dream" of exotic training when most military training is practical, mission oriented.

Evidently some of the people commenting have no idea who Nick Rowe was or they would not be second guessing his personal choices in trainers. Another thing is the 70s and 80s was a weird time in military history, lots of strange things going on, not to mention the disco music and rice.

Plenty of people have done a good job for the military as a contractor and or soldier only to get into some strange things later. Trying to second guess what this guy was teaching thirty years after the fact with none of the people who went to the classes commenting seems like and exercise in futility.  

I've done some strange things.. like drinking Coors lite once... just once! :P

Rowe and CSM Dan Pitzer were very much into the reality of mind discipline, often confused with the errant term "mind control".

Rowe is express about this in his book "Five Years to Freedom".

Dan taught this as one of his specialty classes both for the Navy's SERE program and then for the Army when Rowe brought him onboard at Bragg as the senior civilian instructor for the course.

Rowe had the budget, the reputation and the license to investigate any area of SERE related skills he believed would be helpful.

And they still pursue this but at levels of mental performance far higher and perhaps less esoteric than when originally undertaken.


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