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This is Larry Hartsell

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THIS is a Larry Harstell

Note the short mention of the Navy Seals training, that he has NEVER exploited or barely mentioned.

I didn't know he had passed away. His two books are in the short stack of martial arts books I'm not giving away. He was ahead of the curve.

I have only attended Hartsell seminars and never had any privates with him or anything like that but I am still surprised how much I still retain from them.

I could use quite a bit of his info for police work and arresting people. Then of course, some of it was sporty, too, but I enjoyed it.

He was a pioneer and as a result we were doing ground fighting in the 1980s, well before it That's Larry....


Larry was the "Strong Arm" for Bruce Lee, if anyone came in for a challange, he would usually handle them. Guro Dan tells stories about it, and how he was one of the best kickers before his auto accident, then he could'nt kick so he switched to ground work.

Here is some more Larry Hartsell for your enjoyment...



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