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Mr. Barnett:
That's cool!

The December 1994 issue of Full Contact was dedicated to Ground Fighting in America.

American Icon Larry Hartsell was interviewed for the issue.

The opening paragraph offers "Larry Hartsell reaches out his hand and as mine comes in contact I am impressed at the power of his grip.  It is not the bone-crushing squeeze of someone who has something to prove, but rather the subtle touch of a man who is wonderfully in control of both his physical and mental being."

I trained with Larry at a seminar in Walla Walla, Washington and then visited he and his wife, Debra, at their home in Marina Del Rey, California.  What a visit that was!

The consumate gentleman, mentor, teacher, instructor and human being.

He would show you a technique, work it with you, then when he felt you had it he'd tap you on the shoulder or the forearm or the wrist and say "There, I've given it to you now make it yours!"


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