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Benjamin Liu:

--- Quote from: Sargeslide on March 05, 2011, 09:31:21 AM ---I have been told many times that 80% of all fights go to the ground. I have never seen the hard data on this though.

--- End quote ---

The source of this creative use of statistics is discussed here:,3909.0.html

I hear the claims of 90%, 95% and from some posters 100% more than the older 80% claims.

--- Quote from: Sargeslide on March 05, 2011, 09:31:21 AM ---He could get a black belt, he just didnít want to pay the $3000 cover charge.

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$3,000.00 for a ranking fee?

Mick Coup:

I suppose that's one word you could use...



Why not teach pupils to lock the doors and drive?

Are you 100% sure there's no weapon? Why follow him to the ground?

Are you fitting the situation to your training or training for the situation?

It takes 4 years for Blue belt in BJJ, that's 4 to 6 days a week.
So 1 year is Yellow belt.

From Rickson Gracie interview, Full Contact, December 1994 - reference fighting mulitiple attackers (not ring opponents) and real deal street fighting -

Bear in mind even in 1994, Rickson identified himself as a free fighting.

When asked if he promotes GJJ over all other arts and styles his short response was "No, that would be foolish...the goal is to be  a well rounded martial artist, especially when you are talking about real self-defense."

"You must be fast and confident of your abilities and not hold anything back to be successful.  Understand, in the Ultimate Challenge, my brother [Royce Gracie] needs to use only the most simple, the most basic Gracie techiques to defeat his opponents.  This is because no one really ha the ground-fighting knowledge and skill to seriously challenge him.  Royce is nice, he does not want to hurt anyone, so he plays with them until they get tired then he finishes it.

"In reality, if a Gracie fighter is fighting for his life, he will use those advanced techniques that will quickly make an opponent injured so he cannot any longer attack.  He will not choke someone out as much as break their arms, for example.  When you fight many opponents at once, you cannot be merciful like we are at the Ultimate Challange."

Perhaps a bit of historical balance for the record.


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