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New Book on Mike Echanis Released by Paladin Press

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Just noticed yesterday, Paladin Press is releasing a new book on Mike Echanis. Runs about 500 pages, costs $29.95.  This may or may not be a different version of the Echanis book released by Black Belt Magazine. Just giving a heads up, as Echanis has been discussed on this board before.

Same Book as put out by Black Belt.
A BS story of a fake Military Career.
A BS story on his hwarangdo study and skills level.
Just a way to repackage Mike's old booklets and resell his material.

Here are posts from people in Hwarangdo before Echanis,and the story as they KNOW it ,not the BS concocted by the Lee's.

Benjamin Liu:
It it the same book published by Black Belt Publications.  Paladin Press is just carrying it in their catalog.

It is not unusual for Paladin Press to carry books they don't publish in the catalogs.

I headslap myself for not being more observant! I looked at the number of pages and price, but not who the publisher was - just assumed it was Paladin.  :-[

Book published in 1977, dies in 1978. Becomes a legend in less that a year! Holy Shit somebody tell Kent Bob that he didn't need to spend nearly as much time becoming a Super Hero!


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