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My first question would be why do people in England very recently still think you were a Navy SEAL?

And this article
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The funny thing is I have read  articles (and personally heard) where he  tells the truth about the BUDS/ ear thing. I guess it all depends on the audience. The quote from the BB article cited is absolutely misleading and can't be rationalized in any way, although I am sure Mr. Larkin will do just that,

Larkin allowed it to be thought that he was a Navy SEAL,when with Petterson and SCARS, he allowed himself to be mentioned as a Navy SEALin articles,magazines and seminars.
Larkin never corrected anyone's view.
Other SEALs never said he was not a SEAL,same as the phonies who claim to be Spec Ops,Israeli Commando's ,SAS,SBS,Rangers,Force Recon,Delta,no one with knowledge says these guys are fake.
No one cares until the unqualified start ripping off the public giving the units bad names,then the units or members of the units speak out.

People questioned Larkins past and they put his name up for review when there was a SEAL wall of Shame, then it came out he never completed BUDs.
You don't complete and graduate BUDs you are not a SEAL.

Larkin then started to tell the story that he did well in BUDs almost completed it when he blew his ear out on a dive.
He blew his ear out,an ear he knew was bad as before he even entered the Navy he had surgeries on it.He should have never applied to go to BUDs,if ,as he says,  he blew his ear out on a dive it was near the start of phase two the start of week 9 of a 6 month training course,so he did well for 1/3 of the training,again if we believe what he says about his ear because others who say they knew him NOW say he was gone before that.
No matter when he left ,Larkin did not complete BUDs and is not in any way shape or form a SEAL or allowed to be called a SEAL,just as Ventura is not a SEAL,but Ventura says he completed Navy Dive school,which he did,(before DIVE school and SEAL Training were combined under BUDS),so Ventura says he is technically now a SEAL,but he is not and Larkin is not even as qualified as Ventura,Larkin not even qualified as a Navy Diver,no less a SEAL.

Back in the mid-1990s, when SCARS and Jerry Peterson hit the scenes, we (Full Contact magazine) did extensive research to include interviewing both Peterson and Larkin over the phone.

The result was an expose on SCARS and Peterson and the straight story on Larkin, who was very up front with us given he realized we'd done our homework and he didn't want to get slammed like Jerry was.

SCARS was essentially Tang Soo Do, Green Belt Level, which Peterson had studied and attained that rank in, as I recall.  Everything else he threw into the stew was just that -

Larkin and he linked up - and Larkin rode the wave until the Full Contact article came out - then he cinched up his storylines and went on from there.

The truly awful thing about SCARS/Peterson/Larkin was that NAVSPECWAR actually bought off on the program - failed to do its homework - and paid good tax payer money for recycled TSD.


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