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  • July 21, 2018, 10:46:14 PM
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Author Topic: Why was Remy exiled  (Read 2560 times)


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Why was Remy exiled
« on: January 03, 2012, 07:05:42 PM »

 I was watching the Sticks of Death on netflix the other night, with my wife. She then asked me why Remy had a death sentence against him and couldnt ever go back to the Philippines. I didnt really know. My Arnis Instructor always talked about how and who got him over here, but not why. Was Wondering if Hock or anyone knew what he did. I do know he sure hated the Doce Peras Society??



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Re: Why was Remy exiled
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2012, 07:50:48 PM »

I know why. Remy told me the whole story and I stood on the spot in the yard of the presidential palace in Manila where they said they were going to kill Remy.

One night at my house when Remy stayed with me between long gaps in his seminar trips, maybe 1993-ish, we watched TV and a Filipino docu-drama came on.
A Dangerous life with none other than Gary Busey

It is about the end of Marcos and Remy was riveted to the show, saying, "oh my God, this is so true,"  several times. When the movie was over he told his story.
It is a long and odd story and I am not too sure I haven't written it up on the forum here somewhere.

It has to do with Remy's international popularity and the fact that the Filipino government had installed new heads of various topics. They loved grandiose names and titles and one person was declared the "Minister of Arnis" so to speak.

Remy returned to the islands a hero, a small parade and news stories, etc. This minister ordered Remy to appear before him. Remy told me,

"Who is dis guy? He is no one. He knows nothing about Arnis. He is nobody."

orders became demands, then threats. Remy hated Marcos and the government. This minister of Arnis was jealous and Remy dodged his guards and messages. This was a time when anyone could be killed for anything. Remy made public and disparaging remarks about the minister and even Marcos.

Remy got word that they decided to simply kill him, orders from the minister. (Any protester would be killed in a second back then). There is a long story about him escaping on a flight out of Manila.

Remy stayed away from the "Peens" for years, but did revisit well after Marcos et all were long gone. 

That is a nutshell story...

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