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While teaching class yesterday I started  having each student who has a self defense technique to show one -each class we have one shown.
Yesterday a student who just came from calif and was a probation officer out there showed  his. I am not advacating this but just passing it along.
--When being bit on the arm or hand he said instead of pulling away and having flesh ripped away-you take bitten arm and slam it into his mouth
hard and fast as you can and grab rear of head and pull it in at same time
driving the arm forward-he said that works-i added palm strike to forehead also.Seems like bite to theigh area would work too- Anyone hear of that technique-as we teach to bite it is good to know a defense-WW

If the guy is biting you on the forearm it works o.k. They used to teach this as part of the training programme with The National Control and Restraint General Services group in the UK. I've seen in taught by a senior instructor with The Northern Ireland Prison service as well. Personally I think eye gouging the guy is better, but it's a less politically correct way of doing it.   

Benjamin Liu:
Back when I worked in behavior homes I had some experience dealing with bites.

"They" (MA "experts" on forums) say that pressure points never work.  I've used them, well, by the PC term "release points," to take a biter off another resident.  Using the knuckles of the middle fingers into the point between the ear and jaw on either side will get the biter to stop biting another person.  That's just to stop the bite, he'll then likely attack you and you'll have to deal with that.

I've also dealt with multiple biting attempts against me, but was never bitten.  I did this the same way I'd deal with other attacks, getting out of the way and quickly getting out of a grab if grabbed.  And of course not trying to wrestle with someone who bites.

I've seen the results of human bites at that job, fresh ones, infected days-old bites, and people with missing parts from years-old bites.  Human bites are nasty and dangerous.  Too many people act like they are nothing, probably remembering being bitten by other kids when they were kids.

A common misconception about biting is that biters will do a "Dracula" bite, bringing their mouth to the victim.  The biters I've seen would grab a part of the victim and bring it to their mouth or grab the victim or his clothing and move their main body to their mouth, basically getting into a clinch to bite.  They do either method very fast.

Some pretty interesting responses here-i do think 99% of the people bitten will try to pull away- practise is needed to respond effectively to this type attack-WW

Web- that makes good sense about the eye gauge too-WW


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