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Defense against biting

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Yes ,if pushing into the bite,instead of pulling away ,is available then push in.
I was shown this years ago as a way to deal with guard dogs . When presented the arm most will take the arm and once the bite is on push into the dog and push the jaw/head upward then use the free arm as an upward forarm strike towards the jaw hinge to break the dogs jaw,or to the throat.
A downward forearm will drive the teeth into the arm.
(might not work on a Pitbull as they can lock their jaws,but I have used it on a German Shepherd Dog and it worked)

No reason this is not applicable to a human.
Most people will grab on to you with their hands to secure the bite,pushing the head up and back takes their balance and opens them for a vital strike, as with the dog.
People are not inclined ,or able ,to get the arm into the mouth all the way back to the Molars,they tend to bite with the frontal area teeth,so slamming the jaw hinge does not drive the teeth into the arm.

I would say that the eye strike MIGHT work,but it will most likely make the INTENT attacker/biter pull back and away ripping the flesh,instead of just opening their mouth and pulling away.(depends on the mindset of the person biting)

I was taught the same thing with both dogs and people, nit used it on a dog but have on a person and it worked for that particular incident

One of the most common bites I saw as a nurse was the reverse bite injury. Someone punches the guy in the mouth and end's up with a seriously messed up hand. Tissue and bone damage from the other guys teeth. That's why I have always recommended a palm heel strike to the nose.

Thanks again- all make sense- showed this technique last class-surprised a lot of students who  had not thought of this defense.
This technique again shows that simple powerful and fast techniques can overcome a attacker-

Yeah, but what about a bite to the throat or pectorals from someone that has you in a bear hug or double underhook (seen biting techniques like that from "Savage Streetfighting" video from CFA)? I am armed with weapons to deal with that but I can't be armed all the time in some places.


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