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Guys was just wondering what your thoughts on the WW II axe hand strike is? And has anyone ever used it, espesially to the side of the neck?

I know we can use forearms but wanted to know about striking with the hand.

Ive used the edge of the hand while applying brachial stuns, works well

WWII ax hand strike or edge of hand strike is the same strike as found in various martial arts,was taken from martial arts and used in  combative systems used in WWI ,WWII and in Combat Judo which was used by many US Military units until around the late 1980's.

I have used the edge of hand to the side of the neck,if the right spot is hit ,against the right person,it works well.
Even in training with light contact it can cause the opponent to drop slightly to a LOT,if the correct area is struck.
Other strikes to the same area can obtain the same end result.

Good defense-add it to your tool   box when training in close -WW

Work's well if you think out of the box a bit. Step into your opponent, downward Shuto ( they used to call it the ' Karate Chop ' ), into the guy's chest it drop's his head forward and you turn the blow into a strike and push under his chin. Forcing his head back, your fingers extending into his eyes. It's a tactic from Ryu-Shinto-Ryu Ju-Jitsu. It's good if your fast and he's not the Hulk.


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