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Jim H

Would you say the correct spot is where the pulse can be felt in the neck? Would it then not be easier to use the forearm?


When you are  using the knife  hand and the action is  fast just aim for the neck  area -u  do  not have time to get the exact spot-just smack the  crap out of him-WW

I think, if I'm honest that the WW II combative thing does kinda mistify me... I just think soldiers are the real warriors. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.


WWII combatives was created and taught in a 4-6 hours total.
It was Basics that worked alone or many times in combinations.

If I attempt to deliver an edge of hand strike on an attacker who is moving to me, and maybe I to him,the edge of hand may become an outside forearm strike.
Distnace ,movement,timing all change where the strike will land,or miss.

The knife edge ,as Hock said,tpo the side of the neck,if the artery is struck correctly,may lead to a knock out,or at least cause a stutter step in the opponent opening a door of opportunity for you.
If you know other strikes use them as well as nothing was written in stone,WWII combatives was a basic course with a limited amount of time to get usable information across.
So if your hand closees into a fist when delivering the knife hand it becomes a hammer fist,if the distance closes a knife hand becomes a forearm strike.

The knife hand is very versitile  but there is no need to be too specific ,as WW said just strike em.

Thanks guys..Jim H you mention if the side of the neck is struck correctly...Can you explain the right way to do it?



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