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     Many of my contacts here are former Paul Vunak "people," as I was from 1986 to about 1992. Past and present people. Some have invested their time and ad money in his newest venture - DOM - Descendants of the Masters..."Bruce to Dan, Dan to Paul...Paul to you."
     I thought this was a good idea and a good direction for Vu. It really fit his personality perfectly. So a few years ago he got shed of that retired Navy knucklehead guy from Knoxville TN (NOT a SEAL) that was managing/handling him, and got rid of that silly "DefCon-5" name/brand and went with DOM, And with DOM was his newest manager/handler H. Singh. (Vu really does need a handler, a "business" manager.)

    Anyway...history repeats itself with two years. A Vunak problem. Now DOM is gone. Singh writes this public letter within the last few weeks. It is over the net and I am not releasing anything private or secret.


My Dear Friends,

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone of you for the overwhelming support you have shown my wife and I over the last few months. You are all truly my family. Thank you for caring so much. It saddens me to sit down to write this letter to you. I tried very very hard to resolve this without involving you guys. However, the can of worms was opened in the Live Group Class broadcast in March, when Paul decided to publicly discuss details of the very highest personal matter, details about my marriage, with all of you. He then put it on youtube.

    Now, there is a mysterious “Ninja”, hacking into the site trying to sabotage group class. If I wanted to sabotage group class, I would have made sure there was no way Paul could ever broadcast again, after he embarrassed my wife and I publicly.

    So this, just like everything else Paul has said about Anshu and I, has been a LIE!!! Unfortunately all of my civil attempts have been futile to say the least. It is time that I share some of the facts and truths that led up to the creation of the DOM, where we are now, and where we are headed.

The PFS and the DOM have been my obsession for the last 6 years. I gave up my career, my wife gave up her practice, and we both moved to Orange County to build the DOM. I have spent 1000’s of hours training with Sifu Paul, and spent the last 4 years spreading Jeet Kune Do and Action Strength around the globe. I sacrificed my relationships with my friends, family, and missed a lot of precious time with my wife to make sure this company was successful and all of Sifu Paul’s wishes were met.

    Since we did not receive any funding from investors, my wife and I spent our life savings and took out loans to entirely fund the DOM. Everything from start-up costs to the trademarks, from the creation of the website to the Black Belt Ads, to the Logo’s, to the Live Group Classes, to the manuals, to the DVDs, and so on.

    We gladly did this to make sure that the DOM was not underfunded, and that our Services and Facilities for our members were top Notch, like making sure there is 5 Star food at the Retreats. We believed in the future success of the DOM and in the potential of its members.

    We also made sure that every one of Sifu Paul’s requests was well taken care of. All of his bills, electricity, water, tv, garbage, and taxes, basically everything was paid by us. Whenever there was an emergency of any kind we paid the bill. We wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. We enabled him to lead a lifestyle in which everything was taken care of. I did this as a good disciple does for his master.

    A couple of Months ago out of the blue Paul began to verbally abuse my wife. The first time I didn’t believe it. The second time, I came home and found Anshu crying in the living room. She told me what Paul had done. He called her every name in the book, from the F, to the B, to the C word. When she went to the bathroom, I heard the voice mails he had left for her. When I confronted Paul, he denied it.

    My wife, wanted no part in the Organization after this. I fully supported her. I went to Paul and told him that Anshu would be leaving the organization, and that he and I could still work out our differences and make sure that the DOM is not impacted.

    Paul, decided to take matters into a whole new direction, something I never saw coming. He began to threaten and harass both Anshu and I. Fearing for her safety, we had to leave our home and move up to Northern California. In the last two months he has been STALKING us. We have received countless violent physical threats. Numerous slanderous messages have been sent to our family members, friends, and colleagues. Horrible stuff, I can’t even repeat.

    I still tried to work things out with Paul, but there was no more talking to him. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried, no matter how much I gave, it was not enough for him. There was no reasoning with him. Paul will have you believe that I have held his company hostage by interfering with group class broadcasts, and withheld and stole money from him.

    Would someone who steals from you, refinance their house and give you a $100,000 loan for a Porsche, without even having you put anything about the payments down in writing? I had never then thought that he would refuse to pay.

    Over the years my choices and decisions regarding my relationship with Paul has caused a tremendous strain on my relationship with my wife, and she is the real victim in all of this. To threaten and speak to a woman like this is not the way of the Martial Arts. He has done things like contact my Father-In Law, and spread completely despicable lies about my relationship with Anshu and how our lives are spiraling out of control.

    Folks, I have only mentioned these things because I take life threats and accusations’ against my character and integrity really seriously. I will not play games and I will not tolerate this behavior. I have decided to move on and will be taking the actions necessary to protect myself, my wife and my assets!

The martial arts are much more than an end destination to me. They are about constant growth, constant discovery, and the ability to continuously adapt and grow and change with the environment. It is about the Journey for me, and I feel it is time I headed in a different direction.
    There are many ideas I have not had the chance or the opportunity to implement in the DOM. I’m looking for people who want to train hard, put in the effort, and true dedication to this art. Standardized curriculums, levels, and examinations will be held to determine Instructor Ranks and Levels. I want to make sure there is an overall credibility and quality of instructors that represent this Art I love so much. I am not interested in 100’s of instructors. I’m interested in producing the highest quality of instructors that conduct themselves with Honor, Integrity, and Impeccability. The Warrior’s Way.

    I will be launching my own company dedicated to spreading Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and Action Strength : The Art and Science of Functional Fitness and Attribute Development. My arms are always open to you, and you are always welcome to walk with me on my Journey.

In Strength,
Harinder Singh

Here is the public, Vunak youtube clip...

We report, you decide...

Lot's of bad judgement on that video. Threats, "banging" the kid's mom and just making a video thinking it won't get out.

I stopped buying his videos and paying attention to Vunak after the RAT System, but what's going on with Paul? Is this a pattern?

Well-I watched it-Only thing I will say  is he sounds like he is stepping away from reality and unless he gets a  grip he will step off the cliff.

Putting the video on a site such as YouTube is the wrong way to keep anything private. From the pictures I have seen of Vu he does not look healthy. Plus with the mannerism he was showing in the video makes him seems he is going over the edge. Maybe Vu is not a person you want to get into a business with since nothing last more than a 3 or 4 year period with him. I too liked him but in the past few years my opinion has changed.


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