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The Strange case of John Giduck

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--- Quote from: JimH on December 07, 2012, 09:10:15 AM ---It seems all charges against all SOCNET members are now dropped.

It is hard to believe someone that KNOWINGLY makes false claims,especially to make money off of said false claims,would try to sue those who called him/her out as a fake.
To me it was just to cause those who outted the fake to have to spend money to defend their assertions that the alleged fake was /is a fake.
I am glad that in this case the Judge apparently made the alleged fraud pay legal fees.
Too bad the court could not also order the alleged fraud to stop using the false information to make a profit,and post retractions to those claims.

I wonder if those who hire/hired a Fake,due to false claims the fake knowingly made,(who now know they were ripped off),have the right to sue the fake for return of funds ?

--- End quote ---

Maybe it's the cynic in me, but I have no problem believing it.  The guy is a douchebag looking to make a buck anyway he can, in no way different from JW.  I'm actually more surprised that a judge threw out the suit, and very thankful that he did so.  Maybe there is some justice to be found in the legal system after all.


The results of these lawsuits...(what was he thinking!?)


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