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About 7 years ago, Lyndon Johnson and I filmed a Police Judo Stick Retention DVD and it has been buried away inside an obscure video set, never getting any attention. In reviewing titles to discard and maybe set up for future streaming, I took another look at it. And to be frank? It really is great. Full of great info. We have to release a public, solo title for it. It applies to anyone using a stick and that includes Filipino practitioners also.


hope u  can review  some of it the 8th/9th of Sep-
I am bringing my cane to practise its use if possible
Seeu then-WW

Being a strict Unarmed Combatives seminar, we will only be fighting against a stick attack. But I hear that the Dawg will be doing some stick work Friday night....?


Ready to rock and roll, Big Kahuna! Basic knife in the afternoon (I hope to get to the "Invading Knife" series!), basic stick in the evening. Brent is also hoping to have a target made up for some knife and tomahawk throwing around lunchtime. Barring any unforseen circumstances, I should be there NLT 11 AM.

C'mon, Friday! ;D ;D ;D

Well I  sure  an't going to   be  target for you-hehehehe
Ill be there for the knife and stick seminar-using my cane (Got Hocks OK)


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