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Emerson Defines a tactical knife...


Emerson defines what it is...

(What is entertaining is some of the responses after the article)


Just Emerson spilling his normal sales story to the public, nothing insulting, nothing new, nothin to see if you have been in this game longer than it takes a new puppy to open his eyes. A knife is a tool, tools can have dedicated purposes. "Tactical" is a T-Shirt slogan, a sales gimmick, something you whisper in the ears of other kids out on the playground so you seem cool.

Is a screwdriver painted black tactical or just a black screwdriver? How about aviation screwdrivers and pliers that are non magnetic, non sparking? Tactical? Or a just job required specific tools? Even with the best tools if you do not have skills, your a no go, dead in the water. On the other hand you can have skills and anything becomes a tool.

Good for Emerson if he can sell "Tactical" knives and shirts but he sure as hell aint no Jerry Fisk!

RevBodhi: was usually whatever blade we had with us when we needed a blade...but then we were never cool, using "correct" equipment, labels and language like is so important today.  We just used what worked for us, over and over again.  Some of it was pretty ugly...

I was taught how to use a hardware store as an armory, and the weapon/tool that I keep handy is a "tactical" chisel. Great for breaking a car window or hands reaching in.

--- Quote ---Secondly I like a mid grade knife for inexpensive replacement if/when it is lost or damaged.  I. once surrendered one to security (I had forgotten that I was carrying it) because returning it to my vehicle was too big an inconvenience vs. the replacement cost of the knife.  After loosing my "carry everywhere" folder that cost $100+, more than once, or destroying a blade when it had to be used as an emergency tool, I've stepped down to cheaper and replaceable.

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--- End quote ---

I agree with this guy and have had the same experience.

Al Mar was asked this question -

And his reply was the best knife was the one you had with you at the time you needed it -

He also offered if you couldn't afford a fancy combat knife you should get a bayonet...sharpen it to a wicked edge...and only use it as your combat knife -

As mentioned - nothing new under the sun.


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