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Empty hand/live hand in FMA

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So, I see a lot of people, pretty much every FMA stylist I've come across, including myself, do this.

When swinging say an angle one, or a 1 o' clock strike, the empty hand comes across and slaps the forearm or bicep of the weapon hand.  What is the reasoning behind that?  I do it, and I want to know why.


Keith Miller:
Because you've seen everyone else do it. I don't think it serves no tactical purpose. Just looks/sounds cool.


--- Quote from: Keith Miller on October 04, 2012, 01:58:45 AM ---Because you've seen everyone else do it. I don't think it serves no tactical purpose. Just looks/sounds cool.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I know, I'm just imitating.  What am I imitating, that's my question.

With the stick its more of a reference of where the live hand is.  I was taught to always keep the live hand moving. Remy said that a live hand is a dead hand if its not moving. You will also see a lot of the traditional guys slap various parts of the body as they swing or work the stick. this again is just so you know where the live hand is and I was told too that it was used as a distraction also. Now when you use the bolo or a heavy blade the slapping of the forearm is actually to slow down the momentum of the swing so that you can redirect quicker. Jeff Allen or  Mark " the Boar Man" could give you a better history of it. But it does have a purpose. The more I work with the sticks and Bolos and the faster I get, the more I find myself slapping or touching with the live hand.  My instructor ,Anding, told me that they called it Tapi Tapi. That's before the basic sparring technique or sequence in modern arnis became Tapi Tapi. But that's what I know as Tapi Tapi.


Just incase you got a fly on your bicep while your beating him with a stick i think redfive gave a fantastic answer.It should be live could be protecting,using it to call the police while keeping him at distance with the stick,blocking, eating a ice cream just keep it live many purposes the more the merry i say.

You got more options if its live.

Watch hoch, just think if he only had one arm.


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