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Mr. Barnett:
I did like the shoe defense toward the end.   8)

same old box pattern,

Old, but versatile. I really enjoy working this drill at speed and then seeing how many different inserts I can perform (counters to the checking hand, counters to the strike, disarms, takedowns, etc.).

I recently had the chance to work this drill empty-handed with Jason Guiterrez at Hock's PAC seminar in Houston and just had a blast with it! Although we worked it with single and double weapons as well, it was during the empty-handed session, with us breaking and re-entering the pattern, that I realized there was still a lot more to be gained from working this drill.

It's probably my favorite drill to work in the whole PAC system. ;D

Mr. Barnett:
I agree Dawg!
I like it a bunch, and if you use a bit of imagination, you can move into a non pattern "sumbrada" where there is just stikes, and blocks, perries, jabs and all, and it just goes and goes.....ecrimador style.  but that basic drill is a solid foundation for blocks and stikes, when kept in it's proper perspective.


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