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Perspective is everything, Mr. Barnett!

I think if folks would add some imagination and energy to their drills, they would get a lot more out of them. I only get so much time to train; when I get to train with one of my advanced partners, you can bet that sumbrada will probably be in the mix. Plus, I REALLY hate just going through the motions by myself, so I take advantage of my training partners to work this drill every chance I get! Hitting stuff is great; hitting stuff that can hit you back? That's MY kind of training!

Mr. Barnett:
exactly!  Tires are one thing, but timing changes and a brain behind it, plus advancing, retreating, and ground work too.  It goes well with the drill. 

Someone needs to explain this imagination to me.  I turned in half of what I had when I joined the Army, and surrendered the other half when I got my last promotion.

Mr. Barnett:
lol, I hear that the army will do that to you!
A drill is only as good as the drillers.  Dean Goldade is a master stick fighter, and when I worked with him, we started out with the drill (sumbrada) but after working with him, the drill moved into a more of a hit and block drill, until it was full on stick to stick fighting, where anythig goes.  The drill creates a common ground to launch attacks and blocks, and then, you get crazy, then you identify where you can rejoin the drill to continue to help your partner to explore new ground ....Imagination plays a big part and the drill becomes something to resort to after things get waaaaay out of control, to bring it back to a common launch pad of hit and retract.


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