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To Jim McCann

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I haven't had a chance to see your videos yet. I hear from some of Hock's guys that you are a great teacher, and I've found that Hock's guys know what they're talking about. I hope to get together with you some day as my ground game is lacking.

I train with Jim he is a good guy and knows his stuff & and has a awesome teaching demeanor just like Hock.

You are 100% correct... Jim is a great guy and has great knowledge to share. He reminds me alot of you  ;)

Now you have me thinking... A 2 day seminar McCann and Tackett..

Whatcha think??

I am sure Jim would be up for it... We could do it in Sept when you are coming to Tx..

Shoot me an email.

Talk to you soon...

Tackett is a brilliant martial artist.
It would be a pleasure to work with him.

I would love to do it!  It would be a honor to work with Jim.


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