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Spoken like a true-blue, Thoroughbred spoiled brat athlete who never had to engage enemy insurgents wanting to evict him from their country at bayonet, AKM, (sometimes SKS), 82mm, 122mm Soviet Rockets and RPG-7s range...sorry...I digressed into my personal loathing of anything BJJ or Gracie Fabricated Commercialism. Mr. Hochheim you can expel me if you so like, from this forum.

I'm not surprised at all by Royce's statement; I am very surprised to have learned that Relson feels the opposite. He wants his students to focus more on the self defense applications of BJJ instead of competition. I don't have a press release of this statement, but I have heard this directly from one of his instructors many times over the last couple of years.

I find the whole situation both amusing and entertaining. If folks want to only work in their "pure" art, whatever it is, more power to them. I think I'll continue to steal shamelessly from everyone I train with and further develop my ability to deal with the violence I am most likely to face on a daily basis. My search for tools, tactics and training methodology will continue to focus on the "essence of combat" and becoming the "seamless fighter." A particular system or style will remain (primarily) just a vehicle to get me to my destination at the time or something I keep for the simple reason that I enjoy the hell out of it! (I don't think I'll be using my espada y daga, sword or double-machete training anytime in the near future!)

"Gracie Fabricated Commercialism"; never heard that one before! But, I know and train with a lot of good Gracie folks and will continue to do so as long as they remain an effective vehicle for me to work, hone, and test my various skill sets against skilled ground-fighting opponents.

I find it hard to "loathe" anybody that trains just as hard (or harder!) than I do, regardless of their personal brand of voodoo. I do feel bad for folks that are close-minded to anything outside of their own particular system, but to each his own.  ;D

To Rev-JMHO-A instuctor in  BJJ   or any art for that matter does  not need to  be a war  hero to  pass on techniques   that  may save  someones hide-I.E. a  former Bouncer   who  faced a borken   bottle, a store  detective who in the apprehension of a thief falls through a plate glass window, a security contractor in Kuwait    who has to  respond  without backup to a domestic  violence situation a fireman who walks up the stairs when  the victims are  comming  down---combat  is faced  daily by many martial  artist instructors-again  just  my humble  opinion

Dawg "stole" from me, why Who would have thought anybody in their "right" mind would steal any of the mind numbing madness I dish out!


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