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I met Rickson Gracie and interviewed / trained an afternoon with him many years ago. 

When I asked him what was his favorite technique he said "My SIG 220!"

Rickson was Royce's trainer up until Rickson got tired of the silliness going on in his own family.

He knew the deal and wasn't afraid to tell it like it was.  We published the interview complete with the 220 quote in Full Contact Magazine.

Some sayings from an interesting site which I and I am sure many of you would agree with:
 Truth does not sell as well as BS?

Combatives  are all Theory unless one has been tested and has come out the other side.

Nothing is NEW.

These saying fit the GBJJ system as created and marketed.

They changed what they learned from JUDO to Gracie Jujitsu and had the stories of all the street bouts and their never having lost line,lol.

Their art was never truly tested by them ,as in real confrontations,as every bout was contracted with their own rules,even in their supposed street bouts.

Their ,supposed,art is not theirs nor their creation,it is JUDO as taught from the ground as they were not good at stand up.
I Agree with Rev. Bodhi and have spoken in Simlar terms on this site and others in regards to Gracie Jujitsu,which is actually JUDO,as taught by Madea and which according to his book,Madea meant it never to be taught by the Gracie's. Their version is primarily Newaza,ground work as they are not good at stand up. They never even gave credit to Madea as being the one who taught them,until some inquired and Madea's book came out and they were forced to acknlowledge him.

Their art was to cover all bases ,sport,fitness,street and it does not,that is why a few years ago the younger Gracie's came out with a street defense version of GBJJ,but it is still mostly the same ground stuff.

Several of the Gracies even went off to study other arts to improve their fight game and specifically to improve their self defense,with Royce studying Hapkido.

my opinion


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