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Scanning but not seeing


As Sherlock said..."you see but you do not observe...Watson."

Hock -"Just an idea...give them the challenge of actually spotting something new when scanning. BUT...that might cause a lot of muzzling/lasering on a more crowded, "square," live-fire range. One safety cure? You guessed it (as I beat my never-ending drum for simulated ammo)...using sims ammo. Suited-up trainers could place or change various shoot-able targets (oh, like themselves in most cases!) quickly within in the scanning areas. This would cause the shooter to OBSERVE during the scanning process or get themselves shot."

Cori Tyler said "I like it. I remember our academy instructor had our partner stand at an angle to the rear, holding up some fingers. We were supposed are be able to see and report how many after scanning.

Hock replied - "Yes and that type of stuff are abstract solutions we are stuck with because of range safety. As a trainer, we have to "reduce the abstract." With live fire we have to count-fingers or call-out-colors from held-up, colored cards, all for safety reasons. As as result, through time then we get really good at...turning and counting-fingers and calling-out-colors. With sims ammo, we can really good at shooting actual people that need killing."

Funny, I was just talking about threat scanning the other day to some folks who were just going through the motions

Just  happened to  see what was being posted here and  saw  this  about scaning-today a LEO  with about 5-6  years on the street stopped  by my class and wante to go over gun takeaways for a few minutes-the class was  not starting for a  few  mnutes so we practised a  couple takeawys- it was apparent  he never ever  did any of this type  training-we did  3   different takeaways and he seemed impressed- what was also interesting is  i  had to physically tell   him  each  time to "scan  his 6" after the  takeaway-he just   did  not do it-  i told him  i am  just passing on  what i  was taught and he  should practise seeing what was  behind -he agreed..............he said  they do  not get any  training in this  type situations. Told  him to come  back.......and  be  safe out there...WW

Good job WW!


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