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Skimmed, Trimmed, Pruned and Otherwise Deleted, Removed and Popped...


Skimmed, Trimmed, Pruned and Otherwise Deleted, Removed and Popped, Stopped and Dropped

Yes. All that.

- Facebook has essentially killed the talk forum world.

- This talk forum has been up since 2004. In its heyday, it was a swinging place. Now about 650 guests a day, searching on various terms, come here to look for info. Only about SEVEN members actually bother to look here a day. We once had about 1,000 members looking here a day. At one moment? 1, 225 members were once on, as a high count. That's right. Seven all day now.

- Most of the entries through the years involved timely events (since 2004!) that are no longer timely, and people that are no longer here. Therefore I have eliminated,000 entries of dead wood. Entire sections are gone.

- It will be maintained in just a few topics. Older entries in these topics will be still trimmed for timeliness.

- I have made promises to some people in the military and law enforcement world that I would always maintain the "Walter Mitty" page, as they suggested people need access to public information on con men and defrauders, etc. While I would like to forget all that, and just move on? But, I did make these promises.



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