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Okay, well. I had to copy this off of Mick Coups FB group. A guy named Marc Williams says: "Somebody posted this in the RationalWiki group today, it's a thread from 2001 that appeared on a US firearm forum. The poster is walt who takes tactical posturing into a new dimension.....Enjoy."

And it is enjoyable. It is believed to be a put on that engaged a lot of real people, which makes it even more funnier as he lured people in.

Benjamin Liu:
I read the original thread and the poster was obviously messing with them.  The ideas were just too stupid and over the top and his responses to criticism with even more over the top nonsense are sure signs of a joke.

The disturbing part is that many posters across numerous forums take Gecko45 seriously and think his posts were anything other than a prank.


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