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This is what we eventually get when we allow gibberish jargon into our language. This type of crap exists in much of our military documents and then into shooter programs and trainer lingo. We allow too much of it into our... gulp... "workspace." I recently read an ad for a shooting course that was so utterly crammed with pretentious, garbage jargon I couldn't decipher the message. All "wannabe" and "wanna-sound-like" baloney. If you are "married" to this kind of bullshit, I would trim it down a bit.

Ha! Fascinating - computer generated papers published to bump your C.V/pay band up! Always knew I should have got me some college :'(

LOL! "Workspace"...I really shouldn't give my "gun guys" such a hard time about over-using that phrase; I use the term "window of combat" on a frequent basis myself. But, when it's preceeded with "What I like to call my" and explained with a Vanna White-type flow of the hands, I just can't help but get the giggles! "sigh" When in Rome, I guess it's good to be able to speak the lingo, so I try to keep my giggles on the inside and just focus on the training. It's kind of catchy though, don't ya think?  ;)

Now THAT'S funny right there.  Fake reports to go along with faked research.


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