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Signs of Fraud in MA


Lengthy, and by a guy named Don Roley (not Ashida Kim as the top photo might confuse)

Thanks for posting that piece Hock.
A nice read.
I agree with many of the writers points.
I also agree with his intention to uncover these frauds.
If we look at this thread,"Unsecret Lives of Walter Mitty",how many of those that have been uncovered here fit the profile and red flags the aurthor wrote about in his piece ?
At least when people who attempt to get info type in a name,the search engines bring up this site and provides the searchers food for thought and maybe opens their eyes before they spent a chunk of change on fraudulent BS.

Great read.

Sadly the martial arts industry in the United States has long been "for profit" driven and this has made literally anyone and everyone interested, for whatever reason, in becoming an "instructor".

When Full Contact was being published we smoked at least one such exploiter out in each issue - while ensuring the real deal folks got the best coverage possible.

It is important to remember there are far more legit schools and instructors in America than frauds or less than stellar businesses.

1.  Know what it is you or your family wants to learn by training or studying a martial art.

2.  Interview the owner of the school/studio/dojo/dojang and at least one of his or her senior instructors.

3.  Do some background reading about both the Art and the history of the school in your area.

4.  Trust your "gut".

If you're looking for snapshot training in self defense there's a lot of truly good instructors and seminar programs out there who provide this venue.

If you seeking long term, in-depth study it is your responsibility to determine what goals and objectives you wish to achieve and if you are prepared to do the work necessary.

Idema was working on his own book with retired SF major and noted SF author Jim Morris.

It was to be entitled "The 8th Pillar".

Idema died alone, broke and under horrible circumstances in Mexico.


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