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Knife Combat - Knife Takedowns - 2 parts by Hock Hochheim
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Knife Takedowns covers takedowns with and while holding a knife. For the unenlightened, unsophisticated and untrained, it is hard to grasp the idea of grappling and takedowns while holding a knife. The sarcastic joke is just to "stab the person until he falls!" Not that simple. Not that crude. In the real and troubled world of fighting criminals and enemy soldiers there are a host of reasons and means why a defender must take an opponent to the ground for lethal and less-than-lethal ends. What are these?
Learn these reasons and means:
- How the "tenacity of life" keeps them on their feet
- How the "diminished fighter" can be grappled.
- Learn the basic knife takedown principles.
- Learn the Takedown Body Chart.
- Learn the Joint Crank and Joint Lock Progression and how and why knife applications may or may not work with them.
- Learn numerous knife combat scenarios involving grappling skills.

Knife Takedowns and Grappling represents Level 8 in Hock's Knife Fighting Series.

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