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I was reading one of the posts about Force necessary with the Stick. Hock, what would your breakdown be in the foundation of first 10 levels in learning the knife?

Force Necessary: Knife!  Course Overview

Level 1: Introduction to Ways of the Knife. Stress Quick Draws

Level 2: Support the Knife! While Holding. Dodge/Evasion Drill.
            Closed Folder Strategies and the Pommel Strikes Module

Level 3: Saber Stab Module.
             Military Quick Kills Module Part 1

Level 4: Reverse Grip/Ice Pick Stab Module.
             Military Quick Kills Module Part 2

Level 5: Saber Slash Module.
             Military X Knife Fighting Part 1

Level 6: Reverse Grip/Ice Pick Slash Module.
             Military X Knife Fighting Part 2.

Level 7: The Spartan Combat Module and
             Dueling! Crossing Blades

Level 8: The Chain of the Knife Module and
              The Claw of the Cat Module

Level 9: Death Grip of the Knife Module

Level 10: The Knife “Black Belt” Test

Level 11: Intensive Knife Ground Fighting Module
Level 12: Intensive Push Dagger & Fist Knives Module
Level 13: Intensive Double Knives and Stick and Knife
Level 14: Intensive Knife Speed, Skill and Flow Drill Mastery
Level 15: ...and up: Upon Personal Development and Request
Level 16: etc on specialized topics

Basic Journeyman Instructorship after Level 3
Advanced Instructorship after Level 6
Specialized Instructorship after Level 9
“Black Belts” on and after Level 10

As always..thank you for you time.

The big ten levels to be covered one Sunday a month starting in 2016

Year of the Knife!


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